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Easily manage security compliance across your organization's networks with Secutor Magnus. Magnus allows a company of any size to continually monitor desktops and servers. Together with ThreatView, an optional module, Magnus provides detailed reporting and reveals compliance trends over time. Magnus also works in conjunction with all Secutor products, each of which can be used to collect compliance information that feeds into Magnus for analysis and reporting. Magnus can collect compliance, vulnerability and inventory data either agentlessly or by importing it from any of the Secutor line of products (Prime, S-CAT).


Professional auditors can receive unlimited compliance evaluations with Secutor Prime Auditor. With the ability to run from removable media and to provide detailed reports, Auditor offers an unprecedented amount of flexibility. A companion license for Secutor Magnus can be included with the product, allowing users to upload collected information for analysis, aggregation and reporting.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous security monitoring has been a main point of expertise since ThreatGuard was founded in 2002, and is a core feature of Secutor Magnus. Following the guidance set forth in NIST SP 800-137, continuous compliance focuses on the entire monitoring process. ThreatGuard offers insight on what categories and types of security controls require monitoring, as well as strategies to determine the details and frequency of reporting. Secutor Magnus and ThreatView offer the highest level of continuous monitoring to your entire organization.

End Point

Secutor Prime Standard and Secutor Prime Pro offer a higher level of compliance evaluation and remediation, with several reporting options. Prime offers standard features such as compliance assessment and automated remediation. The Professional version includes additional features like reports, data exports, remediation, and deviations.


S-CAT, the Secutor Compliance Automation Toolkit, allows vendors to easily add compliance technology to their solutions. With a variety of customizable modules, S-CAT saves developers the time and manpower otherwise needed to create the same level of security compliance.


Secutor Prime MD offers the same level of security compliance as Secutor Prime, specifically for the healthcare industry. With new stricter standards for the HIPAA Security Rule, computer compliance is even more critical for any system that handles electronic-protected health information. Prime MD provides evaluation, remediation and reporting to healthcare systems of any size.


In 2009, CyberScope was unveiled as a standard reporting format to replace unsecure e-mail or paper-based reporting, and will soon be required by the federal government. This new format allows for greater insight into certain data, and negates the need to combine reports submitted in various formats. CyberScope is based on the ARF reporting format, and is a logical extension to OMB reporting, which ThreatGuard automated with the Secutor products. Now, Secutor Magnus can combine the necessary data and produce reports that are compliant with the CyberScope standards.