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8th Annual IT Security Automation Conference
For the 7th year in a row, ThreatGuard had a booth at the IT Security Automation Conference in Baltimore, MD.  As is our tradition, we provided live demonstrations of our products along with some new technology we developed to show the latest advances in standards-based compliance automation.


2012 HIMSS Conference
Hewlett Packard demonstrated their streamlined HIPAA compliance auditing solution (featuring ThreatGuard's Secutor Prime MD product) at the 2012 HIMSS Conference.  The conference was held from February 20 through 24 at the Venetian Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV.   


ThreatGuard Completes OVAL Adoption
ThreatGuard is happy to announce our completion of the OVAL Adoption program.   Being involved with OVAL since 2003, we have now completed every verification since the beginning of the program.  As early adopters, ThreatGuard became the first OVAL "Definition Consumer" and "Results Producer" in 2005 and has kept pace with the evolving technology ever since. Today, as a pioneer in the SCAP industry, ThreatGuard represents a rich OVAL heritage and a product maturity built to withstand the ongoing evolution of OVAL.


OVAL Adopter

ThreatView  Press Release  - ThreatGuard’s new ThreatView product enables organizations to make business sense of their deployed SCAP compliance infrastructure.  ThreatView can identify the biggest compliance issues across the enterprise and track improvements over time.  ThreatView can be used to create custom hierarchies based on organizational needs and aggregate results up the chain.  ThreatView can scale to any sized network and truly represents a new chapter in the SCAP revolution.
SCAP Solutions for HIPAA
NIST mapping 800-53 references to the 800-66 Security Rule has opened up the world of SCAP to the healthcare industry.  HIPAA Security Rule assessments can now be performed using standards-based and government-vetted compliance content and tools.  See how Secutor Prime MD along with Secutor Magnus/ThreatView can satisfy the compliance needs of healthcare organizations.