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Typically, intelligence based on Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) has been a challenging undertaking. Now, security compliance analysis and reporting is made easy with ThreatView. Provided as an extension to Secutor Magnus, it reveals the areas of weakness across networks as well as compliance trends over time. Working with applied business intelligence concepts, ThreatView provides unprecedented abilities in global compliance management.
• Hierarchical modeling
• Unbounded scalability
• Continuous compliance monitoring

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Key Features:

Hierarchical Modeling
• Performs analysis for any branch or node in the structure
• Drill out capability to details stored on Magnus databases
• Quickly highlights areas that require the most attention

Unbounded Scalability
• Integrates with very small to very large networks, with 100,000+ nodes

Continuous & Efficient Compliance Monitoring
• Deployed at each management point, providing each administrator management power for those systems
• Aggregates are periodically calculated, stored locally and forwarded to a parent in the hierarchy

Architecture & Supported Platforms
• Additional module available with all Magnus installations
• Integrates with any SCAP-validated compliance scanner results

Targeted Solutions
• Hierarchical compliance tracking and business intelligence
• Continuous compliance management system
• Cloud environment security
• Enterprise compliance

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