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The Professional version includes all the powerful features that Prime offers, plus adds agentless assessments of remote targets, continuous monitoring of multiple systems, Active Directory target enumeration, and trending
analysis. The Secutor Prime product line was the first to support automated compliance evaluation, deviation management and remediation using the government’s automated content standard. This standards-based content represents the definitive guidance for the United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB), DISA STIGs, and others.  Prime Professional fully integrates with Secutor Magnus and ThreatView to bring flexibility to your compliance toolkit.
• Awarded SCAP version 1.2 validation by NIST
• Local, remote, and offline assessments
• Security patch checks and vulnerability assessment
• Define and track policy deviations and PoAMs
• Compare security posture changes over time
• Generate CyberScope report
• Configuration and security remediation and undo

Ordering Information

An activation key is required to upgrade the Secutor Prime Free Edition to the Secutor Prime Professional version. Pricing for the Secutor Prime Professional is shown below. Secutor Prime Professional is licenced for installation on a single system to assess up to 50 endpoints. Discounts are available for larger volumes.  Please contact ThreatGuard at (210) 490-4018 to discuss your specific needs.

$2,475 Government
$3,300 Commercial

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Key Features:

Continous Monitoring
• Define compliance tasks to periodically assess multiple remote computers agentlessly
• View and identify compliance changes over time
• Leverages the CPE standard to automatically determine applicable benchmarks for targets
• Track and apply policy deviations across systems and generate reports from a single desktop

Use of NIST, DoD, and other SCAP-based Security Content Automation Files
• Direct consumption of NIST, DISA, and other SCAP content files
• Support for Open Checklist Interactive Language (OCIL) expressed interactive questionnaires
• Provides runtime notes, allowing auditors and security engineers to verify and validate assessment decisions

Security Patch Checks & Vulnerability Assessment
• Automatically determines that all required security patches are in place
• Performs vulnerability assessment of operating system and major applications
• Automated update system keeps application and assessment content current

Policy Exceptions and Configuration Remediation & Undo
• Policy exceptions can be defined for failed rules and Plan of Action and Milestones (PoAM) assigned
• Automatically modifies configuration and security settings to address any discrepancies
• Automatic reassessment validates remediation and ensures compliance
• Perform remediation undo of individual rules or full system restore

Standards-Based Assessment System
• SCAP versions 1.2, 1.1, and 1.0 validated
• Incorporates optimized XCCDF document parsing engine

Security Reporting & Data Export
• Includes PDF, RTF, and HTML-based reports 
• Generate CyberScope report
• Report includes summary and detailed benchmark scoring
• Option for exporting results to SCAP (ARF), XCCDF, CSV, OVAL, OCIL, and Secutor Magnus files

Architecture & Supported Platforms
• Includes compliance assessment content for Windows, RHEL, HPUX, AIX, Solaris, and more
• Requires Java Run-time Environment 1.5x or greater (embedded 1.8x included)
• Can be installed locally or run from thumb drive or other removable media

Targeted Solutions
• Local and remote compliance evaluation and remediation
• Offline assessment of configuration files from various vendors and saved assessment results
• Benchmark viewer (for SCAP benchmarks and saved results)

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