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Secutor Prime

An extension of Secutor Prime, the Prime MD product is designed to satisfy the unique compliance needs of the healthcare industry. The first standards-based security auditing product specifically for this industry, Prime MD evaluates computer compliance to the HIPAA Security Rule and provides evaluation, remediation and reporting system-wide. This tool focuses on protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic-protected health information.
• Use of NIST and other security content automation files
• Security patch checks and vulnerability assessment
• Configuration and security remediation and undo

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Secutor Prime

Key Features:

Use of NIST Security Content Automation Files
• Direct consumption of NIST and other developed eXtensible Configuration Checklist Descriptions Format (XCCDF) and Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) definition content
• User can specify XML configuration files to use
• Provides runtime notes, allowing auditors and security engineers to verify and validate assessment decisions

Security Patch Checks & Vulnerability Assessment
• Automatically determines that all required security patches are in place
• Performs vulnerability assessment of operating system and major applications
• Automated update system keeps application and assessment content current

Configuration and Security Remediation & Undo
• Automatically modifies configuration and security settings to address any discrepancies
• Automatic reassessment validates remediation and ensures compliance
• Perform remediation undo of individual rules or full system restore

Standards-Based Assessment System
• SCAP versions 1.2, 1.1, and 1.0 validated
• Incorporates optimized XCCDF document parsing engine
• Supports OVAL version 5.x as definitions evaluator

Security Reporting & Data Export
• Includes PDF, RTF, and HTML-based reports
• Report includes summary and detailed benchmark scoring
• Option for exporting results to SCAP (ARF), XCCDF, CSV, OVAL, OCIL, and Secutor Magnus files

Architecture & Supported Platforms
• Endpoints: Microsoft Windows
• Requires Java Run-time Environment 1.5x or greater (embedded 1.8x included)

Targeted Solutions
• Local compliance evaluation and remediation for HIPAA environments

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