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Secutor Prime Downloads

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The full installer contains an embedded Java Run-Time environment and is much larger than the update installer.  Beyond that, the update installer is exactly the same and the full installer.  If you have already installed Secutor Prime (including license-activated versions), you can download the update installer to get to the latest version.

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updates secutor prime free edition download
The Update installer is provided for those organzations with computers running Secutor Prime that do not have access to the Internet.  Organizations with Internet-accessible computers can keep Secutor Prime updated using the auto-update features of the product.

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Terms of Use: The Secutor Prime Free Edition is free for non-commerical use only.  It is NOT free for use by commercial organizations to assess and or report on the security posture of their computers or software.  Neither is it free for commercial organizations to use to assess the posture of client computers or software (including public and not for profit clients) in order to sell services or products.  Reverse engineering of any type is also prohibited.  Please contact ThreatGuard at (210) 490-4018 for additional licensing information.

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