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A Security Myth: "My device has nothing important on it, so there's no need for me to bother with security."

I recently heard somebody say this, and it bothered me enough that I wanted to take the time to address this myth.

Running Secutor Prime from a Thumb Drive

So, you're faced with a situation where you need to do security assessments of machines, but for whatever reason an agent-based or agentless approach is infeasible.  Maybe they are on an isolated network, not connected to a network, you can't install new software on them, firewall exceptions are not allowed, ...

Creating and Using Deviation Profiles

It's not unusual to find that completely locking down a system to be fully compliant with the proscribed security policy breaks the usability of a machine.  To account for needed local deviations from security policy Secutor Prime allows you to create what we call a Deviation Profile.  This profile can then be automatically applied when doing future asses

Offline Scanning with Prime Multiview

There are many cases where directly querying a live target is not feasible or practicle.  For example, embedded systems that do not have a method for live access, or critical infrastructure components where the possible consequences of a live assessment create an unacceptable risk level.

Directory Service Scanning with Prime Multiview

Along with the other methods of doing assessments against a range of assets, we added the ability to define a set of assessment targets based on a directory service query, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Network Scanning with Prime Multiview

The new Multiview interface for Secutor Prime was created to enable working with multiple assets, and with network scanning you can now use IP notation to define multiple assets you want Prime to do a live assessment against.  Secutor Prime will then probe each of the potential IP addresses for a scannable asset and perform all applicable assessments, updating the display as it progresses.

Using Contexts in Secutor Prime MultiView

You don't need to use contexts to take advantage of MultiView -- if you don't define one everything will get stored in the default context of "default" -- but as you get used to t

New MultiView Interface for Secutor Prime

On 1/28/2013, ThreatGuard released a new version of Secutor Prime that adds a completely new way of using it that we call MultiView.